Christmas-Acquired Christmas Cactus Gives Me A Gift

This what-I-assume-is-Schlumbergera NOID cutting came from the beau's mother's plant. While we were visiting her over the holidays, I noticed that a few stem segments had fallen off her main plant, so I swiped it up and took it home to root it.

It kind of sat around for a while--which I find to be a much more positive sign than rotting. It started rooting a few months ago, and in the past week or so, it decided to send up new growth! It's such a cute little thing. Unfortunately, I don't remember the colour of the flowers on the beau's mother's plant, but I'm sure I'll see it again before this tiny baby is ready to bloom.

And, yes, the segments are tiny tiny tiny! They're about one-third of an inch wide and half an inch long--even on the mother plant.

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3 Responses to Christmas-Acquired Christmas Cactus Gives Me A Gift

  1. How fun! These are magical plants!!!

  2. You stole it from her? :O :O You better hope she don't find out. >:)

  3. Heh, stole...? More "saved" the segments. ::coughs::



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