Flowering Cuttings

The few dozen Episcia cuttings I propagated a few weeks ago are not only growing well, they're flowering! These cuttings are for the local Gesneriad Society chapter's table at the Behnke's garden social in June. The sources of most of these cuttings are plant-blogger friends (one who sent back a cutting of Episcia 'Coco' that I had sent him, which then flowered, fertilized, fruited, and set seed that germinated and subsequently dried out and died--one is still growing, fortunately, but I feel horrible about the mass slaughter) and a friend from the local Gesneriad Society chapter. Episcia get unkempt looking if you don't chop them up and repot them every once in a while--it was a good opportunity to start growing things to share as well as do some much-needed maintenance on my plants!

This photo is from soon after potting the cuttings up--they have rooted and grown in the weeks since then!

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