Landlordly Blooms

My landlord ripped up most of the plants in the yard and mulched it all the other week to prepare for some new landscaping. Some plants were left in place, however, and they're looking awesome!

Tradescantia virginiana

Peony in bloom

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3 Responses to Landlordly Blooms

  1. Looks like the landlord left the plants that were flowering?

  2. The landlord ripped up the plants when the columbines were poking their heads up. They (and the violets and some weedy grass) have started growing back, but they haven't flowered yet. The landlord left the peony alone, as well as the Tradescantia and the Liriope border. Not sure what the plan was, but I think it was a "surprise blank slate" for the landlordly spouse to redo the front yard after the horrid incident last year with DC Water coming by and ripping out the front of their terraced yard. (I almost swore I had blogged about that, but it was around when I was preparing for my move last spring, so I guess I didn't.)



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