Monday Plot Post: Wangari And NSCG

My plot at Wangari is growing quite well--most of the transplants I put in the other week are still alive, and some of the seeds are coming up.

The peas are finally flowering and making delicious, juicy pods!

The zucchini is popping up.

And so are the cucumbers and pumpkins. This is cucumber, probably. Unfortunately, I didn't label the specific location of any of my cucumbers and pumpkins--at either plot. At Wangari, that's totally my bad; it's only slightly my bad at my other plot, however. I had placed packets in the places I wanted to sow the seeds and asked the beau to do it; I neglected to ask him to make labels when he did, so I don't remember what's where.

Over at my Newark Street garden plot, I finally met the last of my neighbours; they generously gave me a head of lettuce from their plot! It was delicious with cranberries, goat cheese, artichoke, and a strawberry/walnut vinaigrette.

In my plot, the molokhia I sowed a week ago is germinating.

The 'Nugget' hops are climbing up the trellis.

The 'Brown Turkey' fig cutting isn't doing amazingly, but hopefully it'll start shooting out some leaves soon!

Chard I sowed in mid-April finally decided to pop up during the rains we had last week.

The volunteer potato is getting much larger.

I'm in love with this rhubarb! I think it needs a larger pot--or, dare I say it, to be placed in the ground.

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One Response to Monday Plot Post: Wangari And NSCG

  1. Jeeze...I haven't even PLANTED my garden plot yet (then again it just became available today so I guess I can be forgiven, right?)




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