The Tropics In Spring

On a weekend in late May, I visited my National Arboretum horticulturalist friend's apartment and got a brief tour of his garden plants. I don't remember what everything was, and I'm sure it looks incredibly different now that things have started growing in. In August, it will look like a jungle in the city!

This Bowiea is competing for window-bar space with a red-flowering Passiflora on the left.

It's also fissioning off.

This was meant to be a shot of the Ensete, but you can see most of the postage-stamp front yard in the photo as well. Lots of bromeliads and succulents in this garden--low care during the summer.

Before I came, my friend had just trimmed the old leaves off of his Ensete, which does get quite large out front. And yes, he brings it inside every winter--not a job I envy him!

I don't remember what this was, but I enjoyed its variegation and growth habit.

I don't quite remember what this was, either.

This is probably a Dyckia or Hechtia.

As is this.

I desperately want to grow Cyperus!

I don't remember what this was, but I know it's just a year or two younger than I am.

A nice succulent planting on the railing.

This'll get huge this summer.

And I'm sure it's already flowered!

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One Response to The Tropics In Spring

  1. Your NOID "b5" is most likely Hoya polyneura.



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