Amorphophallus titanum Surprise

I chat with @TindaraOrchids on Twitter occasionally. They're a garden supply company in Massachusetts, and they have frequent auctions for Amorphophallus titanum on eBay. I have, of course, tried to win one of the corms--even a teensy tiny one--but to no avail. They're just too popular a plant! So I declared my intent to own one of those corms, someday!, to Tindara. And then last week, this showed up in front of my door.

It was packed quite well and included growing instructions.

For this plant:

And here it is without its protective helmet. Yes, the friendly people over at Tindara have sent me an A. titanum of my very own--not just a corm, and not even a small one! The leaf is almost three feet tall.

There's some nice spotting on the petiole.

I put A. titanum near my Colocasia esculenta and Canna indica 'Red Stripe,' where it'll get more sun than my Amorphophallus konjac, A. bulbifer, and the others. That's not to say it gets a ton of light, no, not at all--but it will at least get some rays dappled onto it before sunset.

This is shaping up to be one of the best birthday months ever!

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2 Responses to Amorphophallus titanum Surprise

  1. Awesome! Congratulations on such a wonderful gift, and what a fine specimen. Looking forward to seeing it bloom. You’re building quite a collection of Amorphophallus, very nice! :-)

    1. I do hope I have this blog in 30 years when little Ty gets around to blooming!

      I am in love with Amorphophallus. Such an awesome genus!



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