Cactus & Succulent Show

Two weeks ago, I went to the National Capital Cactus & Succulent Society show and sale. Unfortunately (or not, depending on whether you look at it in terms of space/expense or addiction-feeding), not all of the sales plants had arrived by the time I got there. That also meant that the entire show wasn't set up yet, because all sales vendors were required to enter at least three show plants. I went on Friday 3 August, which was supposed to be open to members only (but I just joined in June, so that's fine), but there was a communications mix-up in advertising the event, so it defaulted to general admission. I'm sure Saturday and Sunday were fuller, but I was out of town on a birthday jaunt!

Although not all of the show or sale plants had arrived, there were some nice specimens on display!

A 32-year-old Copiapoa cinerea grown from seed.

Melocactus azureus

A seed-grown Echinocactus texensis.

This Mammillaria albilanata looks like it was the inspiration for a nice berber carpet pattern.

Jatropha berlandieri in bloom. All 15 of my attempts at photographing the flowers were horrendous blurs.

Adromischus herrei

And some stapeliads! Huernia thuretii

H. thuretii flower. If you zoom in a bit, inside the tube it looks like a little kitty face is peaking out from the shadows.

Stapelia gigantea

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4 Responses to Cactus & Succulent Show

  1. Great looking plants, lol@ Mammillaria albilanata & little kitty face, maybe the cheshire cat? Will you enter the show next year?

    1. I don't know whether I'll enter or not. I don't have anything that looks nearly as impressive as these plants! If I grow my plants right, I might have a small stapeliad to enter, or perhaps a nice Tephrocactus or Opuntia.

      If I want to propagate plants to sell, then I'll certainly have to enter. First hurdle, though, is getting the plants to survive the winter!

  2. They are all stupendous specimens! This must have been one of the best shows!!! Thanks for showing!

  3. Cacti and succulents are so varied and amazing---for lack of a better word! I've just spent a few days re-potting and pruning some of mine post-Isaac. Despite being "just" a tropical storm, everyone's yards/gardens are showing the impact of wind damage!



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