Monday Plot Post: NSCG and Wangari

A twofer this time, both Wangari Gardens and Newark Street Community Garden plots--and I'm writing this in a middle of a busy week, so a low-text version! I have a surprise at the end that'll make up for it if you're disappointed with my lack of verbosity.

Let's start with the NSCG plot.

I am really fond of my cotton plants--both pink and white blooms!

And they're making fruit! I can't wait to spin the fiber I'll get from these bolls.

Now that I chopped back all the corn, this cowhorn okra might start getting a bit more light. I abandoned the plot for a week during birthday festivities and came back to find superlong okra--I prefer to take them when they're young and fuzzy.

My first pumpkin! It wasn't labeled when the seeds were sown, so I'm not completely sure what it is, but I suspect it's a sugar pie pumpkin.

My borage decided to put out a pink flower. It isn't the only one, either--other plants did, too.

Now over to Wangari Gardens, my black sesame decided to join the party. I suspected it might not have been a weed (it wasn't grass or lambsquarter, which are the only weeds in the plots so far, it seems), so I let it grow.

And I'm happy I did! It's flowering!

Jaunting back over to Newark Street, I had a visitor to my pole beans--which may be the only reason I allow one or two pole bean plants to survive in my plot. I whacked back a bunch of them, but after I saw this, I let a few keep on--a hummingbird was visiting the pole bean flowers! (It's hard to see, I know, but this is your surprise reward. Enjoy it!)

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4 Responses to Monday Plot Post: NSCG and Wangari

  1. Lol, after third viewing I see it, a fuzz and a flash; very cool. How lucky you are to have such a visit, and be able to see and capture it on video too. Congrats. Is that edible okra? I love okra! :)

    1. It is edible okra! And the hummingbird video is pretty darn bad--I wish I had a real camera.

    2. No it's not that, it's just because hummingbirds are such elusive, swift birds which make them very difficult to see let alone get close to enough to photo or video. Don't blame your tools. :) You're very lucky to see one in your garden. I look forward to seeing one in real life, naturally like you have. I find them quite incredible. Love your blog. :)

  2. Lovely okra! Yes...take it off early or risk inedibleness!!!
    What a gorgeous pumpkin!!! You are having a load of fun with all your great plants!!! YES!!!!



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