Monday Plot Post: NSCG

I'm still waiting for armfuls of summer bounty--I think there's much for me to learn about gardening before I get to the point where I can't carry my daily harvest in one trip. One lesson I have already learned, however, is to get rid of the plants you aren't happy with. I ripped out the beans, corn, and more of the pole beans at my Newark Street Community Garden plot a week or so ago. I sowed some parsnip, dill, beet, cilantro, carrot, and daikon radish in their place--my first attempts at fall crops! Some of them have already germinated.

Right now, I'm mostly waiting for things to ripen and trying to avoid looking the weeds in the eye--if you acknowledge them, then you have to bend over and pull them out.

My grains are doing well. On the left in the back are my 10- to 12-foot sorghum stalks, all a-flowerin' up top. On the right, the red plant with the fluff of bloody flowers, is my amaranth. I have some smaller versions along the fence line, but they're nothing as amazing as that one beast.

This vining creature is Passiflora edulis 'Black Beauty.' As an infant, he has lanceolate leaves. As an adult, he'll have pinnately trilobed leaves and gorgeous flowers. He's growing on the west side of my trellis arch tunnel, with the jicama between him and my other Passiflora and right next to my 'Sugar Pie' pumpkin on his other side.

But then, everything on the west side of the trellis arch is near my 'Sugar Pie'! It's growing on the entire side, as well as over the top of the trellis, along the ground, and up into tomato trellises. It's almost as crazy as my butternut squash.

The only thing perhaps slowing 'Sugar Pie' down is the powdery mildew. It's only on the portions of the plant that get the least light--the leaves that are lower on the trellis, which only get evening light. Morning and afternoon light is blocked by the chayote and hops on the east face of the trellis. Next year, I think I'm going to switch the two--perennial vines on the west side, vigorous annual crops on the east.

Speaking of vigorous annual crops, my butternut squash is fruiting! I have several little baby butternuts--and just like 'Sugar Pie,' this vine is growing everywhere, up in tomato trellises, on fences, across paths, wherever it likes!

I have to say, I love gourds of all kinds. I'm just hoping I get more of them than I have tomatoes this year. 'Sungold' will make a return next year, but I have no idea what slicing, canning, or baking tomatoes I'll grow next year!

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3 Responses to Monday Plot Post: NSCG

  1. Looks great mate! Hope you get a bountiful harvest from them. :) The amaranth looks magnificent! Happy growing! :)

  2. Your garden is very big and it has almost all plant. i want to visit there :-)



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