Not Quite Done Yet

The birthday plant-grab bash continued throughout the weekend.

The boy surprised me with a rented car and a country ride. Our first stop (after getting coffee): Al's Orchid Greenhouse. I visit Al's every couple of months, but the beau had never seen the place (I wanted him to get a good idea of what size yard we'll need to hold a similar setup in the distant future). I also did a little shopping--and was surprised again when the beau knocked my hand out of the way to pay for my meager selection. If I had known he would be paying, however, I might have been more frugal.

I picked up an Anthurium scandens (back), my second-ever Anthurium (the first is a seedling that Mr. Subjunctive started); a Dendrobium rigidum (front left), my first-ever Dendrobium, because it'll grow in a nice clump and will probably do quite well on the rim of my Phalaenopsis 'Venus' clay pot (an orchid-growing friend suggested to me that I find something to do that 'cause it would look cool--I liked the idea); and a Bulbophyllum plumatum (front right), which has some lateral red colouring on the leaves and enjoys being moist--a perfect combo with my love of watering! A three-node section of Ceropegia woodii ended up coming home with me, too.

I'm not quite done sharing all of my recent acquisitions, but I'm certainly done acquiring for a while. Birthdays are fun and all, but they have to end at some point!

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3 Responses to Not Quite Done Yet

  1. thanks for sharing the personal too kenneth

  2. I love the Anthurium scandens - I got one in March and it has been growing and flowering happily ever since, both in my not so bright and overheated apartment at school and after I hauled it to my parents'place in Michigan for the summer. Makes me wonder if the showier hybrids might do well for me as well.



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