Setting Seed

Some of my plants have started making seed pods! My Sinningia pusilla are constantly blooming and setting seed, but most of my other plants are less fecund, so developing seed pods excite me.

Phalaenopsis 'Venus,' which started flowering for me just a few weeks ago, already has a well-developed seed pod on it! I tried crossing my two Phalaenopsis NOIDs (the New York City Gala one and the Dinner Party Harlequin)--but the going hypothesis is that their pollen is too big to properly pollinate 'Venus.' 'Venus' is perfectly fine selfing, however--this seed pod is from the only flower I selfed on the plant. I'm hoping this one stays on!

My Streptocarpus NOID is also setting seed, but only about 10% of the flowers are making seed pods. (The photo in the post from last week was old, but the best one I've taken so far. The plant has been in pretty constant bloom, sending up new buds every week or so.) I like how the pods twist like a corkscrew as they develop.

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One Response to Setting Seed

  1. Congrats and good luck with them. Good luck with the 'Venus'. Haha, that's cool with the twisting of the pods. Very nice blooms. :)



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