USBG: Pinguicula agnata

This red-leaf butterwort, Pinguicula agnata, has some pretty flowers, reminiscent of violets and gesneriad flowers. Spotted at the US Botanic Garden on 4 July 2012. USBG is featuring a carnivorous plants exhibit through the summer, with a series of events as well.

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3 Responses to USBG: Pinguicula agnata

  1. A simple yet delicate looking flower. Beautiful colours!

  2. That isn't a Pinguicula agnata flower, which has petals of almost equal length and is mostly white touched with pink. Looks more like a form of P. moranensis.

    1. It could certainly be another species--or perhaps a hybrid. The USBG label for this plant said Pinguicula agnata 'Red Leaf,' but I've found wrong labels there before--or perhaps this one particular specimen got in the mix with for-real P. agnata. The USBG carnivorous plant exhibit is still going on for the next few weeks, so I'm sure it's still there. I might stop by and ask about it!



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