Amaryllis Buds

I started Hippeastrum from seed I collected from a stalk in March 2010. A year later, when I moved to Saudi Arabia, some of the seedlings went to live with Mr. Subjunctive. When I moved back to DC and had the seedlings I brought back with me confiscated by the USDA in fall 2011, Mr. S kindly sent two of the seedlings back to me.

From fall 2011 to spring 2013, they lived next to the window in the basement, getting watered occasionally and getting very little light but never going dormant. I potted them up and put them outside this past summer, and this December, I started withholding water from them to force them to go dormant. And they're finally rewarding me with buds!

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2 Responses to Amaryllis Buds

  1. In case you'd wondered:

    One of the seedlings is still with me; the other was lost during one of the scale purges. Technically, the survivor also should have been discarded, because I've seen scale on it at least once, but . . . you know.

    It's never budded for me; I did withhold water after bringing it inside this fall, and then started watering it again recently, but it didn't seem to care that I wasn't watering, and it doesn't seem to care that I've started again either. At least some of the problem is likely that I don't have enough light to offer it.

  2. Actually, check that: I looked at it again yesterday when I was watering and . . . maybe it has a bud? Something seems to be growing on it, in any case, and it's too far to the side to be a leaf.


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