More Amaryllis Blooms

There is certainly more going on in The Indoor Garden(er) world, but these Hippeastrum blooms are certainly the most striking (and uplifting) of the bunch.

This bloom is from the second plant. It is a pretty saturated red with just a hint of orange, just like the first one.

Amaryllis 2 blooming

A close up of the pollen, just for fun.

Amaryllis 2 blooming

Although the face of the flower looks pretty damn red, the back has white streaks like its sibling over at Plants Are The Strangest People, perhaps harkening back to the possible pollen donor being the pink/white amaryllis I had blooming at the same time as the seed parent, "Red Lion."

Amaryllis #2 Back Side

I am, of course, crossing like mad. One of my friends has offered H. papilio pollen--if he doesn't get it to me in time for these blooms, I have a second spike coming up from the second plant, so I can use it on those flowers! Or, I can wait a few years until my own H. papilio blooms, although I'm not sure I have that much patience!

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