Starting Seed

I'm starting seed for this year's gardening. I'll be growing in pots in the front yard this year, so I have to be a little more selective in what I grow. I'm only starting 50 little pots of seedlings right now; I sowed these seeds on 6 March 2014.

I sowed:

  • Cutting celery (2)
  • Cutting celery seed collected from my community garden plot last August (1)
  • Tiny Tim tomato (2)
  • Molokhia (2)
  • Shishito pepper (2)
  • Thai basil (2)
  • "Purple allium-looking thing" (1)
  • "Asian mint purple" (1)
  • Black Cherry tomato (2)
  • Tumbling Tom tomato (2)
  • Green cotton from Sheila (4 for me, 27 for sharing)

I'm planning also on perhaps cucumbers for pickling and some other herbs--I'm sure I'll run across a few additional plants to pick up in the spring.

As of 10 March 2014, many of the seeds have already germinated!

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One Response to Starting Seed

  1. Grew cutting celery from the Seed Exchange and it came back for three years, but I think it died this winter. Grew Black Cherry tomatoes last year and were a big disappointment - low yields. Got some Shishito peppers for this year, too. We'll compare notes.


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