Orbea variegata Blooms

I bought this two years ago in Berkeley, California, at Cactus Jungle. (The Plant List says it is, in fact, Orbea variegata, not Stapelia variegata. It has been languishing a little--poor light for most of the year (in the house), it's in the same pot I bought it in, and it keeps getting bumped so stems fall off.

But it has filled out significantly, and it's clearly happy where it is out front this summer, because it's blooming.

Orbea (Stapelia) variegata

And yes, it smells.

You have to stick your nose within about 8 inches of the blooms at the right time of day, but yes, it stinks. Taking a whiff any closer to the blooms is distinctly unpleasant.

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2 Responses to Orbea variegata Blooms

  1. In another lifetime I collected stapeliads, and I still love all of them. I was so pleased when Stapelia gigantea bloomed in my college dorm room... now THAT one stunk, and I had flies batting against my window screen trying to get in! One did, and I discovered to my horror that some flies don't lay eggs, they pop out little piles of baby maggots that crawled around on the flower, looking vainly for something to eat. I still have a photo of that plant somewhere, I'll have to post it for Throwback Thursday someday...


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