Cooking Again: Spicy Lentil Soup

I've caught the cooking bug again. It has been a while; the whole fiber-dyeing thing takes up my kitchen most of the time. But I've been itching to cook more regularly, and today I made some spicy lentil soup.

I didn't follow a recipe or really measure anything. That's one of the joys of cooking soups like this!

I sauteed garlic in a little bit of olive oil until it was fragrant. Then I added a bit of cumin to toast for a minute or two before I tossed in a diced onion, sauteeing for a few minutes. Then I added generous dollops of gochujang, mixing in with the garlic and onions and then sauteeing for a few minutes, which brings a bit of sweetness to the heat.

I tossed this all in the slow cooker with rinsed lentils and a bunch of veggie stock, then I added a little bit of chili oil. I cooked on high for 5-6 hours; the lentils are a bit soft, but I'm planning on spreading this out as multiple dishes with different additions instead of just having one pot of soup to eat for the rest of the week.

Throughout the week, I will roast carrots and potatoes to toss into a few bowls and cook barley for more volume in other bowls (and just to have for other dishes; there's some saag paneer in the freezer that really needs something to go on top of). I should have enough left to do a fake shakshuka, too; toss some tomatoes and lentil soup in a pan, reduce the liquid, toss some eggs in, and it's ready! If I have any left this weekend, I'll reduce the remainder of the liquid and use the spicy lentils as filling in dough pockets, like samosas.

Other things I want to make this week? Swiss and mushroom pastry pockets, endive au gratin, and a frangipane tart.

Let's see if I actually get any of that done!

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